How to Choose the Best People to be Part of your Event

When planning an event, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is selecting the best event speakers. It can be difficult to pick the right candidates, but doing so is worth the reward of having a great event.

First and foremost, consider your event’s theme and what message you want to convey. Determine what kind of speaker would work best for your event, whether they are a motivational speaker, subject matter expert, or industry leader.

After determining your needs, you can start looking for potential event speakers. Begin with a simple Google search or by asking for recommendations from colleagues. Be sure to check out potential speakers’ video clips, testimonials, and credentials to determine if they are fit for your event.

One important factor to consider when selecting a speaker is their presentation style. Some people may prefer an inspirational speaker who has a more interactive and engaging approach, while others may prefer a more traditional lecture-style presentation. Choose a speaker who can effectively engage and captivate your audience.

It’s also important to choose a speaker who has experience with your particular event type. If you are hosting a large-scale industry conference, for example, you’ll likely need someone who has experience presenting to that caliber of audience. If you are hosting an awards ceremony, you may want to choose someone who has experience presenting awards or voicing introductions.

As part of the selection process, make sure you discuss availability and fees with potential event speakers. Some speakers may require transportation, hotel, and meal expenses covered, in addition to their speaking fee. Be sure to have a clear understanding of any additional costs before making a final decision.

Once you select your speakers, work on crafting their introductions. An introduction should succinctly introduce the speaker, establish their credibility and expertise, and get the audience excited for their presentation. Keep it short and sweet.

On the day of the event, make sure you give your speakers the support they need to shine. Make arrangements for their arrival, help them feel comfortable, and provide them with any technical support they need. Ensure that their presentation is set up before the event and that their microphone and audiovisual equipment work properly.

Finally, after the event, be sure to get feedback from event attendees and the event speakers themselves. Constructive criticism can help improve future events, and hearing from your speakers can give you insight into what they enjoyed or what they think needs improvement.

Remember, event speakers play a critical role in the success of an event. It’s important to choose someone who aligns with your event’s theme, has a style that engages your audience, and can bring valuable insights to your event. With careful consideration and planning, you can select the ideal speaker for your event and provide your audience with a memorable experience.

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