An Overview Of An Ideal Custom Streetwear Wardrobe For A Fashionable Man

Streetwear is the go-to option for many people across the world. It is easy, comfortable, and empowering. Paradoxically, the fashion concept is also quite complex, especially for people who are trying their hand in it for the first time. With the emergence of more high-end designs, it is a crime to think that custom streetwear is a simple case of T-shirt, jeans, trainers, and hoodie and done. Fashion designers have encroached into the street fashion space and can’t stop themselves from making iconic pieces you can utilize to build your streetwear wardrobe over.

As a man, this business of over complicating street fashion may not sound cool to you. However, walk with us as we simplify the process by telling you a few pieces you should have in your wardrobe to rock this style.

1. A few pairs of denim pants

This is certainly a cliché but we mean no harm in creating emphasis, right? This is really the starting point of it all. If you want to hit the streets in style, your wardrobe should have a few pairs of the good old dark blues. Go for superior quality, design, and durability when selecting the denim.

2. The Flight Jacket

Army outwear will position you well as a street fashion guru. Whether it’s a full-on military-inspired jacket or a classic masculine army cut, an army jacket will always be versatile and trendy. The good thing is that one or two pieces are sufficient to up your street wear game so get shopping already!

3. Sweats

What is custom streetwear without a pair of cotton sweats? It is not every day that you will adorn jeans and a tee. Some days go easy and enjoy the feeling of the soft fleece against your skin.

4. A printed T-shirt

The list of street wear pieces couldn’t be complete without the addition of a printed tee. There are plenty of brands to choose from. You’d be spoilt for options on this one. If anything, why not put your creativity to test and order a custom made, printed t-shirt?

5. A hoodie

Finally, you’ve got to have a signature hoodie somewhere in your closet. It is what really brings out the essence of street in you. Go for branded labels with bold graphics and exemplary quality.

Final Thoughts

Even though street fashion for men is somewhat complicated in today’s world, this doesn’t have to be your story. Ensure you have these pieces plus a pair of hype beast boots to appear stylish on the streets round the clock.

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