The Benefits Of Criminal Record Expungement

When you have been accused and convicted of a crime it can haunt you in several different ways. You will of course have to deal with the immediate consequences of being convicted you will also have to deal with long term repercussions. This is especially awful if you have been wrongly accused and convicted on a crime.

When you are convicted of a crime you will have to deal with things like probation and fines and the possibility of facing jail or prison time. You are also going to have to deal with a permanent record that will not only play a part in what type of employment you are able to get but play a part in your overall quality of life.
There are some circumstances in which you can petition the court for a criminal record expungement. If successful this would allow for a criminal record to be wiped clean of charges. The convicted individual could go on with their life as if there was never any charges in the first place. You cannot get a criminal record expungement in cases like child abuse and sex crimes.

You will find that there are several instances in which an expungement would be taken into consideration and honored. For example, if new DNA evidence was entered into a case and the convicted individual was found innocent, they could get their criminal record expunged. Additionally if a convicted individual were to complete a deferred sentence such as anger management, probation or community service they could also get their criminal record expunged. Minor offences like jaywalking can also be considered for expungement.

There are many great benefits to being able to qualify for criminal record expungement. An individual for one would have the peace of mind knowing that they could move on from the unfortunate situation without it affecting their quality of life. For others it simply means that something embarrassing is erased from their permanent record. For many it means the ability to find employment. In some states the benefit of criminal record expungement means that everyday rights like the right to vote would be restored to an individual.

If you are looking to go through the process of getting something on your criminal record expunged you will need to consult with a lawyer that is experienced in these time of legal proceedings. You need to make sure that you have the best chance possible to get your criminal record wiped clean so you need to make sure that you hire the best lawyer that you can afford.

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