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The presence of cartilage makes the priest’s hat a very suitable cut for long cooking such as beef stew. The vein of cartilage in cooking tends to melt and the loose cartilage makes the pulp of the priest’s hat a little gelatinous. In this way the stew recipes but also the braised ones will be soft and tender.

In addition to paying particular attention to the meat we use, to prepare a fantastic stew you have to pay attention to the pot you use. The perfect stew is made in a saucepan, but the important thing about the casserole is the material with which it is made. Since it is a long cooking the casserole must be of a material that absorbs heat but releases it gradually without burning the ingredients contained. Cast iron is a material that lends itself very well to this type of cooking as shown by Best Food Delivery Apps.

Think of it as a material that absorbs the heat so well that it will continue to cook the food it contains even after you have extinguished the fire. Even for about an hour. Another important thing is to prepare the stew with the lid tightly closed so that the aromas remain in the pot and the steam that is created goes to soften the meat. If the stew turns out to be too liquid, remove the lid from time to time to thicken the sauce even if the presence of the potatoes will help make everything more creamy, as well as correct any excessive flavor.

Robust, savory, fragrant and rich in sauce, accompanied by a rich potato puree: this is the image that comes to mind when it is mentioned. In reality, the stew itself is not a precise dish, but a type of dishes that require a particular type of cooking that sinks its roots in the past, stewing.

Stew, therefore, results in cooking in a covered casserole and in the presence of liquid (broth, wine, etc.) – stewed, in fact – meat, vegetables, mushrooms, more rarely fish, for very long times and after browning in oil or butter.

The name dates back to the bygone era, at the time of the wood or coal stoves that were kept burning to re-heat the rooms: to save time, terracotta or cast iron pans were placed on these with foods that required very slow cooking without direct flame , foods that were ‘stewed’, in fact, robust single dishes for the family whose sauces were enjoyed with potatoes and bread or, in more recent times, used to season pasta and available on Best Food Delivery Apps.

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