Call Tracking For Brand Marketing: 5 Smart Techniques You Should Learn To Use

Customers like to call whenever they want to inquire or complain about something. So, having a way of tracking their calls is important. Luckily, there are so many call tracking companies that can help you with this. But, how do you use the service to market your brand and be able to improve your return on investment? If well employed, call tracking can make your marketing efforts pay off more regularly. Here are some smart techniques you can use:

Call Management

To ensure that your calls reach the intended customers even when you close for the day, you need a call management system. You also need it to initiate calls to specific staff members. Coincidentally, the feature comes with your call tracker and you need to activate it whenever you are using a call tracker.

Call Intelligence

Sometimes, it is necessary to predict what the caller is intending to say before answering their call. This allows you to prepare an effective response. You need Prospect Intelligence and a great feature for this is Whisper Message (or Call Whisper) that comes with your call tracker.

CRM Integration

CRM is not just a feature for holding customer data but it can also be used to report leads and conversions. However, you need to seamlessly integrate it with your call tracker. Doing so will ensure that your customer information is directed straight to your CRM for analysis.

Call Recording

You can only analyze calls made by your customers if they are recorded in your system. This is a smart technique that you can use to improve your conversions. Factors to prioritize include call volume, call frequency, and call origin among others.

Traffic Acquisition

You call tracker will show you how much call traffic you are getting but you have to dig deeper to discover their origin. You need the Traffic Acquisition technique to do it. It involves integrating your call tracker with a bid management application like Marin or an IP tracker.

Parting Thoughts

Generally, call tracking companies are there to help you monitor and manage calls made by your customers. However, you have to know how you can translate the metrics provided into better sales. It boils down to being smart and using the right techniques as the ones discussed.

Always remember that call tracking takes your business out of guesswork practices of the past into the future. So, take your initial step into the future by learning the basics that call tracking can do for your business operations and marketing efforts.

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