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Commercial Distilling Equipment Australia

For many distillers, distillation started as a hobby before eventually turning it commercial. This explains the many different brands that came up due to different practices by each distiller. Common materials used include malted grain, fruits, vegetables, sugar wash, tomato paste wash, and ethanol. Despite the variations, one must use commercial distilling equipment Australia at some time for the project to make economic sense.

Whether you are distilling on a small scale or large-scale, chances are that you have some copper equipment. For many years, copper has been the material of choice due to its outstanding properties. Copper is known to react with alcohol to eliminate sulphur compounds that occur naturally as a result of fermentation.

Copper shows exceptional durability compared to other materials, in addition to its resistance to corrosion. But it is for its property of improving the aroma and quality of alcohol that it is mostly used. If you want your alcohol product to be clearer, sweeter, and finer, then choose copper when purchasing your commercial distilling equipment. It is for no reason that we settled for this metal as our primary material.

We are proud to be the manufacturers of great distillation equipment right from design to fabrication. We believe we sell the best commercial distilling equipment Australia given the growing number of repeat customers and referrals. We combine love for our job and experience gained over the years to produce the best.

Worry no more if you have been wondering where to get the various distilling equipment. We are your one-stop shop for all distilling equipment, including those used for mashing, fermentation, pot-still distillation, and spirit rectification. We serve a diverse base of hobby distillers and micro-distillers manufacturing anything from fuel alcohol to essential oils.

All our equipment are custom made to suit client specifications. Our mashing equipment feature variable speed agitators to ferment your ingredients at your preferred rate. You can as well achieve different temperatures with our jacketed tanks to allow the addition of yeast after fermentation. Ingredients can be heated using gas or electricity.

Great detail is given to pot stills as it is where all the distillation takes place. Our distillation pots come in a variety of capacities, starting with 50 litres way up to 2,000 litres. The systems are fully automated to separate common cuts such as heads, tails, and hearts. The pot stills can as well be heated using gas or electricity.

Get the best reflux stills for alcohol rectification. Our stills feature a fully automated rectification column wit provision for electric heating. You can choose from the different operating capacities or have your equipment custom made. Call us today to place your order.

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