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The latency is a direct consequence of the rotation speed. In the middle it takes a half turn until a certain sector passes under the head. The command latency is the time it spends your hard disk controller to interpret the command and coordinate the necessary actions. This time is now negligible.

A markup language is a way of encoding a document, along with text, labels containing additional information about the structure of the text or presentation. The most widely used markup language is HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the basis of the internet.

Markup languages are often confused with programming languages. However, they are not the same, as the markup language has no arithmetic functions or variables. There three kinds of markup languages, although in practice various kinds can be combined in one page. For example, the purely procedural HTML contains tags such as bold B (bold), along with other purely descriptive (the HREF attribute) elements as shown by Computer Repair Technician Sydney.

HTML also includes the PRE element, which indicates that the text should be rendered as written. The presentation markup is one that indicates the format of the text. This type of marking is useful for layout presenting a document for reading, but is insufficient for automatic processing of information.

The presentation markup is easier to develop, especially for small amounts of information. However, it is difficult to maintain or change, such that its use has been declining in large projects in favor of other more structured markup types as handled by Computer Repair Technician Sydney.

You can try to figure out the structure of a document of this kind for clues in the text. For example, the title may be preceded by several line breaks, and located centered on the page. Several programs can deduce the structure of the text based on this kind of data, but the result is often quite imperfect.

The marking procedures is focused on the presentation of the text, however, it is also visible to the user to edit the text. The program represents the document and allows interpretation of the code in the same order in which it appears. For example, to format a title, there must be a series of directives immediately before the text in question, telling the software instructions such as focus, increase the font size, or change to bold.

In more advanced systems, battery macros are used to facilitate the work. Some examples of marking procedures are nroff, troff and TeX. This type of marking has been used extensively in professional editing applications, handled by skilled typographers as it can get extremely complex.

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