Electric Scooters Buying Guide

If you are tired of hiring scooters or live in a town with none, then you may consider buying one. Riding an electric scooter is five times faster than traveling on foot and is environment-friendly. Neither do you arrive sweating as is the case with bicycles. While scooters are relatively cheap, choosing the right type may be challenging due to the many options available. Read through for factors to consider when buying electric scooters.

Price Range

Scooters come in a wide range of prices to suit different needs. Scooters under $300 are small in construction and most of their parts inferior to their bigger cousins. This class best suits recreational riders or for use on short distances. However, some manufacturers have good products in this category that are worth looking at.

Scooters ranging between $300 and $600 have a higher range and are more common. Consider this category if you plan to ride occasionally but only on smooth terrains. Electric scooters trading above $600 are usually bigger and with advanced features. For instance, there may be additional suspension, more effective brakes, and stronger batteries.

Quality of Ride

Although the quality of scooter ride tends to get better as the price increases, the design of individual parts is of more importance. Wheel size contributes most as the wider they get the more comfortable is the ride. Avoid scooters with small wheels if you will be riding on rough surfaces. Besides, air-filled wheels give a better ride than those with a solid fill.

Air-filled scooter tires are more susceptible to punctures compared to bicycle tires. Unfortunately, they are also difficult to take off and repair. Consider buying a puncture protection fluid if you choose air-filled tires. Scooters with suspension are the most comfortable but they are more expensive.

Braking System

Scooter braking is often overlooked although it is an important safety feature. Scooters fitted with brakes on the front and rear wheels are best for instant braking. However, front brakes should only be applied when necessary as they can cause you to fall. Electric brakes need the least maintenance compared to disc and drum brakes as these wear with time.

Final Thoughts

It takes great skill to balance scooter price, quality, and performance. With the great disparity between models, it is advisable to purchase electric scooters from reliable suppliers. Our team of experts evaluates different models and only sells what we believe to be the best. Get in touch today for any clarifications to your scooter purchase.

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