Expand With A Car Elevator Garage

A lot of innovations have occurred in recent decades to increase the storage capacity of indoor parking lots. These range from robotic lifts that can double the capacity of a single parking place or a car elevator that can lift vehicles to a higher level. Purpose-build car garages often have convenient ramps to funnel traffic, but in tighter space and with tighter budgets, creating a car elevator garage can accommodate more employees.

In an urban landscape, a business might be surrounded by other buildings so buying an expansion lot is not a practical option. In that case, a multistory garage can be built to accommodate more parking places. The challenge with this is that it creates a need to build a ramp, but this takes more space and might be too expensive for the actual number of cars and their likely inflow and outflow.

Using a car elevator might be the right solution if the higher level is smaller than the lower level. This solution works well for many companies, especially if they have separate entrances and exits for their managers and executives. A car elevator not only substitutes for a ramp but can also be used to lift heavy equipment from one level to another when moving it with a jack would be dangerous on a ramp.

A multistory building might even have a garage for each level of the building and segregate workers according to floors. While keeping departments apart might only be an incidental effect, it does dramatically reduce the walking time from the car lot to the office. It is also a convenient moving environment because not every object is suitable to be moved up a ramp.

Parking garages with several levels usually do not use just a car elevator because the traffic would be too slow. Instead, the elevator is a supplement that can be put to many practical uses. If there is congestion, then the elevator might be a practical way to bypass the problem. It also provides maintenance workers and their equipment guaranteed access to each level even if there is congestion.

A car elevator garage could be the perfect solution for a business that depends on the garage as an access point for the transit of materials. Office buildings are not factories but might still frequently move equipment or products in and out. For buildings that see a lot of essential traffic, the ability to move between floors on an elevator makes sure everything arrives on time.

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