External Car Park Lighting

Choosing the right lighting, especially in the home, is essential to fully enjoy every room in the house. The lighting with recessed spotlights, which has always been widely used for residences, is an excellent solution to guarantee the right amount of light where its needed.

LED technology that is now prevalent in modern homes offers excellent lighting performance in the face of significant energy savings. The temperature and the color of the light give character and atmosphere to the environment, so the choice between cold light and warm light will depend on the type of environment we want to achieve, also in accordance with the type of furniture chosen in the various rooms.

First of all, together with the power expressed in watts, two other units of measurement necessary for the correct lighting calculation are lumens and lux. The lumen is the unit of measurement of the luminous flux, while the lux, unit of measurement of the illumination, describes the luminous flux per unit of surface.

The installation of recessed spotlights in the false ceiling ensures a remarkable formal cleaning even in a residential environment, as well as giving the right lighting where desired. Usually this technology of recessed spotlights are used when replacing a halogen spotlight with one LED: the transformerless LED spotlight comes on directly with the 220 V standard socket.

The LED spotlights for External Car Park Lighting have a transformer built into the lamp body that eliminates the flickering effect a big limitation of the transformerless LED spotlights.

In the new systems, on the other hand, the installation of LED spotlights with integrated transformer is always preferred, which guarantee better quality and light output. Elegant and widely used in new buildings and renovations with a modern taste, outdoor LED spotlights are perfect for illuminating the External Car Park Lighting spaces of the house and particular areas such as the pool area, fountains or access paths.

In addition to guaranteeing the usual advantages of energy saving, durability, maximum performance and the highest quality of the light produced, The choice of using LED spotlights for outdoor lighting is dictated by both aesthetic and practical choices: not only does this type of lighting contribute to the exterior design of the home at night, but they are also useful tools to ensure safety and the usability of outdoor environments at any time of the day.

The choice of the best type of spotlight, both for indoor and outdoor lighting, depends on the light effect we want to achieve. An LED recessed spotlight with a round and clean shape, is equipped with an anti-reflection light with symmetrical light distribution.

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