Get Quality Interview Transcription Services

When a formal interview is held, there is always the need to transcribe the interview and store the transcript in the file of the interviewee or in the archives for future reference. In the transcription world, there is no room for error as any omission or error can have serious consequences. That is why professional transcribers are often hired to offer transcription services. To get the best interview transcription service, it is imperative you hire the top-rated transcribers in the city. Start by making a list of the top firms in the industry.

After compiling your list, the next step is to check their credentials and do some background research online to confirm that each of the shortlisted firms is competent. During the search, the following are important factors to take into consideration:


Anybody can claim to be a transcriber, but this does not make them professional transcribers. To get quality services, therefore, you need to only consider transcribers that have been licensed and certified to offer interview transcription services to the public. There are several of them, so your list should only contain certified service providers. By only considering certified service providers, you can be assured of avoiding quacks. You will also get quality services.

Transcription Experience

There are numerous ways of quantifying the amount of experience a transcriber has. However, the most effective is checking the number of interview transcription jobs a firm has done. The more the transcription jobs the better. You should also check the number of clients served by different transcribers before you decide to make a decision. By hiring an experienced transcriber, you can be assured of receiving the highest quality of service possible.


The reputation a transcriber has developed over the years is a key factor to be looked into. The best transcribers often have many glowing reviews as well as high ratings. Therefore, you need to search the internet for transcriber reviews, testimonials and ratings. This analysis will help you to pick out the most trusted and most reliable transcriber to handle the job at hand. You can easily find reviews and testimonials online as there are many credible review sites.

Eventually, what will dictate your decision is the cost of the service. Whether the billing is done per audio hour or per word transcribed, you want affordable services. That is why you must request and compare quotes before you commit.

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