Guide To Luxury Fiji Holidays

Did you know that thematic trips are in high demand with by travelers? So, why not visit the vineyards and Luxury Fiji Holidays during an oenology weekend. An original way to discover the best regions of the world to enjoy wine with a backdrop of sublime landscapes.

To choose your next vacation you must know beforehand which are the best wines in the world. And there are so many. From Italian wine to Portuguese wine, Californian wine to champagne wine. Here are our ideas of the most beautiful wine regions in the world to visit for a successful wine tourism.

After crossing the region by train and discovering the various terraced vineyards that outline these rugged UNESCO World Heritage landscapes, stop off in one of the cellars where the best-known wine ages but also the one of the oldest in the world. The Valley produces very good dry wines.

Renowned and appreciated, it has even become the “second tourist destination” and ranks among the best wine regions in the world. If during the Prohibition number of cellars have disappeared. Luxury Fiji Holidays is cited as the most beautiful option and the most popular in the South Pacific.

Burgundy lies in an area bordered by the river Loire, as well as the Franche-Comté and Champagne districts to the east. While the Rhone Alpes region borders it to the south. Its capital, Dijon is a vibrant cultural, administrative and commercial hub. The climate in the region is continental, the summers are relatively warm, and the winters are quite cold. It is also easy to book holiday rentals.


The four departments that make-up Fiji tourist wonderlands in their own right. The extraordinary ancient monument plays hosts to Flemish art pieces, which include Roger van der Weyden’s remarkable alterpiece.

Visitors enjoy cellars and estate visits or embark on a memorable tour around the palace of the dukes. There are good quality holiday properties in Burgundy that complement the attractions to make this region an awesome travel destination.

Fiji welcomes visitors with sights and sounds of its finest cathedrals whose architectural magnificence captures the imagination. While the hills are majestically decorated by medieval sculptures, they sit on its edges in an astonishing manner.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the point of departure for pilgrimage trails headed for other areas. For a boating experience with a difference, head to Fiji, the country is popular with tourists gathering on the beaches. The exceptional natural beauty of natural parks never fails to dazzle. The South Pacific country is one of the hotspots available to travelers around the world.

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