Helping The Environment Through Fashion

Clothing is both functional and decorative. It is essential to our survival. In cold climates, we need several layers to shield us from the bitter chill. In hot climates, clothes prevent our skin from getting burned by the scorching sun. Our closets are filled with several types to match different seasons, occasions, and trends. Once they have served their purpose, we discard them to buy new ones as replacements. As a result, there are also plenty of them being disposed in landfills and becoming environmental headaches. This problem could be minimized if we adopt eco-friendly measures including the ones discussed below:

Use Clothes for Longer

There are a lot of pieces that we get on a whim because we like how they look or how they feel, but we end up using them once and never again. They take up valuable closet space until the time comes for a big purge. We may even buy similar items having forgotten that we already have one. Each new purchase is a signal to the fashion industry to produce more and thus consume a greater amount of raw materials. The best way to stop being wasteful is to get only the pieces that you really need and, once it’s yours, to use them for a longer period of time.

Give Away Instead of Throwing Away

It can be tempting to think that our old clothes are worthless. After all, we already wore them several times. They might have a few tears and stains. Who would want them? And so we throw them away in the dumpster without a second thought. However, the reality is that these could still be valuable to other people. Consider donating them instead to charity. There should be a few shelters in your area that might accept these used items. If you are not aware of any, then ask your local church for information or get advice from your friends.

Support Sustainable Clothing Brands

If you really need to buy new clothes, then support brands that are trying to make a difference in the industry through green initiatives. There are plenty of new companies that are serious about ethical and sustainable clothing. They are careful to use materials that come from eco-friendly sources. For example, bamboo fabric is becoming a material of choice because this form of grass can grow quicker than most sources. The harvest can be replenished in no time at all compared to others that can take many years or even decades. Check out high quality bamboo fabric sheets and feel the difference.

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