How To Find The Best Steak In Sydney

At the end of a stressful day, nothing makes one feel better than a good meal with loved ones. This is also a great way to celebrate special occasions. Among the best treats that you can give yourself is a steak meal at a nice restaurant. You are lucky to be living in Sydney as there are plenty of excellent restaurants in the city with each specializing in their own niche. If you want to find the best steak in Sydney, then you should investigate several things beforehand to get the gastronomic experience that you are craving for.

The Right Cut

Cuts of beefs have different properties. Some muscles get a lot of exercise while others don’t. The result is that some parts are tough while others are tender. Great steaks are tender and easy to chew. They also have a lot of marbling which indicates a higher amount of fat. When you take a bite, it will be as if the meat melts in your mouth. This kind of meat that works best for dry heat cooking such as broiling and grilling. Usually, you will get these results if you get cuts from the rib, the tenderloin, or the short loin. Other terms that you might find helpful are strip, porterhouse, T-bone, rib eye, rib primal cut, and filet mignon.

The Thickness

You might want to pay attention to the thickness of the beef. Some will be too thin to provide you with a juicy steak. This will also be easy to overcook in the kitchen. Others will be too thick that you run the risk of having something with a raw middle that is hard to eat. Most prefer something in the region of an inch to one and a half inches.

The Meat Source

Consider the source of the meat as well. There are plenty of farms raising high quality cows in Australia so go local if you wish to support the industry. You could also try meats from other countries that are known for their extreme tenderness or marbling to see if they are worth the hype. Just be aware that these tend to cost quite a bit of money.

The Online Reviews

Best Steak in Sydney If you are eating out at a restaurant, then you should read the reviews before booking a table. This should save you from frustration as you will know which ones to avoid and which ones to gravitate to. Many of these are now offering delivery services in case you prefer eating at home.

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