How To Qualify For CAD Certification Programs

Computer Aided Design (or CAD) program is a program is where you create designs on a computer through the help of CAD software. CAD certification programs are essential for several professional fields like architecture, engineering, and design. This is because in such fields, you are required to generate models in 3D.

CAD also allows you to indicate additional information like tolerance, material, chemical properties, or dimensions on top of the traditional lines and shapes.

Eligibility for a CAD Certification Program

For a candidate to be eligible for a CAD certification, they must satisfy the following eligibility criteria;

• Must have completed 10+2 in any relevant stream of either Science, Arts, or Commerce, in which they must have an aggregate score of 50% marks and above from a recognized board.

• Must have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree and are looking to be more proficient in the subject.

Courses you will study in CAD certificate programs

The curriculum in most CAD certificate programs is similar, and it covers almost the same materials. As such, you should expect the CAD certification programs to take the same period, which should be between 6 months to 1 year depending on the courses you study. Some of the courses you should expect to find in your program include but are not limited to;

• Basic AutoCAD training
• Working drawings
• Advanced AutoCAD training
• Modeling and rendering
• 3D design
• Graphics
• Revit
• CAD management
• Design visualization

The program prepares you for Autodesk Professional Certification, which is the certification for the CAD software application developed by Autodesk, Inc.

Where To Study

Some universities provide a Computer Aided Design certificate program to students who are already enrolled in their graduate and undergraduate programs while others don’t offer an official CAD certification. If your university doesn’t provide certification, it is better to enroll in programs certified by Autodesk or in a nationally recognized CAD certificate program. Such certification comes handy when interviewing for future job positions.

The CAD Certification Programs are also offered online through the Autodesk Online Testing center. The online programs are also real-world and project-based. You will be expected to do course websites, and there will be an active instructor to respond to student’s questions.

After attaining a CAD certification, you can expect to work in various fields, including designing, architecture, interior design, and engineering. To stand out from the crowd, strive to do other courses besides CAD training. If you want to be a project manager, for instance, do other project management courses as well.

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