Introduction To Buy Fashion Online

The rules of matching clothing are the cornerstones of fashion, they are like the ten commandments, they are engraved in stone, let’s see them in detail. Always match the belt of the same color as the shoes, never the opposite. If you do not know what to wear, wear jeans, which go well with everything.

Have the foresight to always have clean shoes. The clutch bag (or the handkerchief that you put on the pocket) must be the same color as the tie. In the combination of colors instead there is a golden rule, also followed by all the designers: the circle. The colors usually do not match well with those ‘similar’, that is to those that are in this circle immediately close to our color (except due exceptions). On the other hand, colors match well with those diametrically opposed in the wheel.

The man who has style can be recognized in a thousand, even if he wears a jeans and a t-shirt, so do not look for risky combinations, sometimes just a little. Avoid the short socks like the plague, worse if white and never wear two pieces of similar colors but in different shades. Avoid jackets with large or small checks, especially those with bright colors.

Never wear a double-breasted jacket if the occasion is informal, while for formal occasions a style will certainly come to Harvey Specter. In formal occasions, never wear a broken dress. Baby carrier or shoulder strap, use them only if you are in the park in overalls, otherwise do not even think about it.

Belt with buckle in the shape of the initial of the name and avoid showing a piece of clothing with the brand too visible or even in evidence. Grunge is an American youth style of the 80s that was consecrated by Buy Fashion Online in the early 90s.

The hip hop style was introduced in the United States in the early ‘8o on the heels of the success of the American music genre. It started off from the suburbs of New York and is structured by: strong colors, extraordinarily wide trousers (perfect for breakdancing, Buy Fashion Online and skateboarding), sneakers, hats and showy chains as accessories.

Military style is an evergreen style that is inspired by military uniforms in colors and shapes: uniforms, military green, gold buttons, hussar boots. Military style has had its ups and downs in fashion history.

It could not miss the bohemian style, which is well suited for a man who wants a look a bit special. In this look it is not uncommon to come across velvet suits, with slightly flared trousers, paisley-patterned shirts, long ethnic-inspired scarves, hats, lace-ups in tone.

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