Introduction To Classic Retro Games

Almost all Classic Retro Games define the goal of the game through formalized criteria for success as a point count (high score) or achieving victory predefined criteria. Some games also offer game modes in which no target is defined and the game can be continued arbitrarily or terminated only by a failure (endless game). Examples are non-life simulations and games.

Modern computer games deal with very different contents. There is also a replacement with other media. So often elements or entire worlds from popular films such as from Blade Runner, took over the James Bond, Star Trek and Star Wars series, and more frequently from computer games to be transferred to other media – such as the film versions of Tomb Raider , Resident Evil and Doom.

Classic Retro Games Categories

Although there are many different types of Classic Retro Games, no clearly defined categorization is possible within the scientific debate. We distinguish between many genres, on the one hand, tend to be based semiotic schemes (such as action-adventure) on the other hand, the mechanics and describe the interface used (for example FPS). So there are many computer games that can be assigned to multiple genres and which therefore difficult for an inclusion. Some genres are well known, others less so.

Among the most famous genres counts since the mid-1990s, the first-person shooter or first-person-shooter, in which the virtual game world is presented from the first-person perspective and usually has the responsive shooting virtual enemies to content. Other important genres are adventure, in which often puzzles are housed in the story, and the responsiveness to the reflection occurs in the background, strategy games where it’s about building a base, gather resources, build an army, or the like, and strategically.

This is aimed at taking action against his opponent, role playing, where it is primarily about the specific form of the skills of the virtual character and jump-‘n’-run games in which the player character by jumping moves and precise jumping a substantial is part of the playful action.

Another genre that is closely associated with the development of computers are various simulations such as flight simulations, some of which are also used professionally. This includes economic simulations where the highest possible profit to be earned. In a virtual sports games sports situation must be overcome by skill at the interface.


Through various studies, which were conducted in some cases since the mid-1980s, researchers tried to investigate whether the excessive consumption of violent video games can have an impact on consumers’ willingness to use violence.

Recent analysis using functional MRI suggest that the brain activity in the left frontal lobe lower still after a week of shows itself diminished response to violence in the Stroop test.

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