Key Points For Using A Drag And Drop IPad App Builder

Creating an app without using code can be fun and fruitful. However, you need to make sure that you are taking it seriously in order for your output to be successful. For example, you should tweak your design based on where the app is intended to go. Some are meant for smartphones while others are meant for tablets. Although both are portable devices with touchscreens, the difference in the form factor can lead to some significant distinctions in the way that they are used. Below are key points for using a drag and drop iPad app builder:

Device Expectations

Phones are smaller so they tend to follow people wherever they go. They are more suitable for communications because others can reach you instantly and you can talk to them as well. Aside from texting and calling, they are also used for chat apps and social media apps. They are good for browsing the Web for instant searches and navigating while on the go. On the other hand, tablets tend to be left at home more frequently. They are used more for gaming, video streaming, and other graphically intensive tasks. They may also be used for working thanks to productivity apps. The drag and drop iPad app builder should consider the context of its usage.

Bigger Real Estate

The biggest difference between the two devices is the size of the screen. You have bigger real estate with tablets so you can offer more content on every page instead of holding back — something quite common with phone apps. You don’t need to put the summary. You can show the whole text. You don’t have to hide the navigation controls. They can be present at all times and the user can still read the content without a problem.

Anticipated Usage

When designing where to put the controls and how to implement them, you need to consider how the end-user might carry the device. Are they meant to hold it in one arm while they use their other hand to tap at the buttons? Should they hold it with both hands on either side such as what gamers usually do? Are they meant to sit farther from the screen and watch things unfold? If the latter, then the controls and notifications will have to be bigger so that they can be seen from a distance. Will the app be in landscape or portrait mode? Can it go both ways?

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