Looking At All The Photo Frames

Some call them picture frames, others call them photo frames. Whether the subject is a painting or a picture or a diploma, a frame exists for all needs and purposes. Very simple frames can display a common picture, while something a bit fancy might be desired for a wedding photo or a memorabilia of some other special event. Frames can be both very large and relatively inexpensive for poster-sized trophies.

The most expensive frames tend to be for paintings. Since they tend to be works of art in any case, sometimes frames are made specifically for an individual work of art. On the other hand, many canvases come in standard sizes and there are plenty of reasonable frames to accommodate even the nicest painting. Spend as little or as much as you need; paintings tend to be a luxury and might be worth the money.

A poster-sized frame is for a valuable poster or some other memorabilia. Movie posters do not stay in stores for long and are a great way to celebrate the opening of a popular or personally satisfying movie. Posters from the theater are the most collectible because they are real pieces of the action, but posters can also be bought in stores. Since they go fast, consider buying a poster for a favorite movie and then putting it in a frame to protect it from the elements.

It is possible to print a photograph to a very large size. This often requires a special service, such as sending a thumb drive with the file to a print company. They are used to printing promotional material, but they can just as easily print a large wedding photo or a large picture of a loved person or outdoor event. The necessity is for a high resolution file, since larger prints tend to show blurriness to anyone who looks close.

For personal photo frames, the range spans from one horizon to another. There are plenty of inexpensive frames for small to letter-sized photos. These are the most common, since a lot of people print their photos themselves. Some frames are so inexpensive that it is possible to print out pictures or phrases and sell them as promotional items.

A lot of frames are made from cheap plastic, but there are other options. Some frames are made with metal. They are more expensive due to the manufacturing process but are also more durable and more attractive. Since most frames come with glass windows, the frame must be sturdy enough to hold the glass and not fall apart and create a mess of glass on the floor.

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