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Lucrative TEFL Jobs Vietnam

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) jobs in Vietnam are easy to land due to increased opportunities that English brings as an international language to the Vietnamese people. Besides, Vietnam tropical climate, low living standards, rich cultural heritage, and history are other pull factors for ESL teachers to apply for TEFL jobs Vietnam. Ideally, Vietnam is renowned for its sensational and beautiful beaches, large cities and picturesque rice fields that make the country an ideal destination for teachers to experience the best.

Hanoi the capital city of Vietnam presents more TEFL teaching opportunities and gives tutors the experience of staying in a rapidly growing city to regain its lost glory due to civil unrest and wars. The city offers wonderful eclectic markets that sell everything from traditional foods to limitation products, hectic traffic, Buddhist temples, and the French occupations, which are explicitly visible. Other major cities such as Saigon and Ho Chi Minh present wonderful TEFL opportunities to teachers. Besides, there are plenty and growing opportunities especially in the rural and coastal locations of Vietnam.

TEFL teachers are expected to teach both in primary and public institutions, adults and children in the entire country. Granted, private learning institutions are the main providers of these jobs and offer lucrative deals. Nonetheless, they require teachers to work up to weekends but with stipends. For interested and qualified teachers, they are encouraged to apply for these jobs in international schools as they offer higher wages and allowances such as travel and housing allowances. In these schools, they will be teaching wealthy Vietnamese children and expats. All they need to have is a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification from a recognized institution.

Private tutoring is another excellent opportunity for TEFL teachers however it is unpredictable during holidays. Sure thing, private tutoring is an excellent way for teachers to make extra cash besides working in their respective institutions. Moreover, there are short term TEFL jobs often found in kindergartens which involve pretty simple tasks like the teaching of the alphabet. TEFL certification is not a requirement in these short-term jobs however it is an added advantage at large. TEFL jobs in entirety offer teachers good remuneration schemes presumably ranging from $500 to $1200 a month depending on location and teacher experience. This is sensational as teachers enjoy low rent and food costs.

Apply for TEFL Jobs Vietnam today and be sure of landing on the most lucrative deal ever. Ensure you have all qualifications and relevant documents such as visas.

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