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Imagine facing a client who is deaf or hard-of-hearing and you do not understand sign language. Under normal circumstances, you would use an interpreter to relay what you or your client says. Unfortunately, getting an experienced, professional interpreter is not always easy. If you and your organization relate to this challenge, you may benefit from a VRI interpreter.

How Video Remote Interpreting Works

VRI refers to the use of technology to remotely facilitate communication between deaf or hard-of-hearing parties and hearing parties. Generally, both parties must have a webcam, computer or smartphone, Internet connection, and specialized software to deliver spoken language and sign language at both ends. The interpreter could be in an office, call-center or home-based studio.

The Benefits of VRI

Video interpreting has become popular across all industries. Through this technology, there are fewer errors in manufacturing as producers communicate more efficiently with clients. Health care providers are finding it easy to communicate with deaf patients or those with limited English proficiency. This service is not only readily accessible but also cost-effective.

How We Help

Communication with the deaf or with persons who cannot speak English should no longer be a problem. Our team of interpreters provides lingual solutions across several languages and understands sign language very well. We have worked with several domestic and global corporations operating in a wide range of industries.

Why Choose Us

Unlike most service providers, we do not rely on any interpretation software. We believe in person to person interpretation to be 100 percent accurate. Our interpreters are highly trained to understand visual cues that often go unnoticed. Use our services often to get industry-specific interpretation where all corporate jargon and acronyms are factored. We believe in interpreting flawlessly as if the VRI interpreter was not there.

All our interpreters are certified and exhibit the highest professionalism during service delivery. Our billing is also transparent and we always refrain from charging any additional fee. You can contact us to secure an interpretation session in advance at a reduced cost. We also deliver an interpretation of emergency cases round the clock.

We understand our clients use different software so we adapt by stocking different video communication platforms. Irrespective of your preferences, we are here to make your connections easy. We also use automated and real-person schedulers to make work and tracking easier.

Final Remarks

Do you have a project that requires interpretation? Do not worry about anything as we are here to help. Contact us to get the top quality interpretation. We are the go-to VRI interpreter solutions for training, schools, hospitals, corporate meetings, and much more.

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