Paradise At Blue Mountains Tours

Listed as a World Heritage Area in 2000, the Blue Mountains boasts of a diverse array of activities set in a 10,000 square kilometer wide spread of exhilarating scenic panorama that will keep you spellbound. With well diverse vegetation covering the Blue Mountains Range, the higher altitude conifers and pines are growing on the ridges; some are hanging swamps that abound, heath within the plateau ridge and even shaded gorges. Amidst this flora are some unique fauna that is specific to this region. These mountains also have tri-colored (pink, rust, and red) sandstone mountains and waterfalls. They are truly a bountiful presentation of wilderness at its beautiful and awe-inspiring best.

The Blue Mountains Tour

Amongst the many treats Mother Nature affords viewers in this region, there are also a lot of tourist attractions and Blue Mountain tours are quite the must -do for local and international visitors. They certainly have lots to see and do. Any hiker or climber will have a wonderful time on the Blue Mountains tour. The mountain has many secrets that hikers and climbers will love exploring. On your way back, if you don’t wish to climb down the Giant Stairway, you can instead take a scenic railway ride which was named by the Guinness Book of Records as the steepest railway in the world.

Sites for Bushwalking

There are a lot of outdoor activities at the Blue Mountains, such as trekking, abseiling and bushwalking. Blackheath Walks allow bushwalking in the Grand Canyon-Govetts Leap area. The Federal Pass is another walk that you can take. The Giant Stairway, which leads down into the Jamison Valley, is one more site worth visiting when bushwalking through the region. The steps were carved out of the cliff, with metal steps added at specific points.


The Blue Mountains is a thrilling place with a diversity of picturesque scenery and vistas that will surely make your canyoning adventure more memorable. Several lookout points in the mountain ranges provide awe-inspiring views of the surrounding areas. Canyoning in the Blue Mountains is not only exhilarating adventure but also an activity brimming with wonderful discoveries. Only a few sites in the world provides canyoning in different levels and with the vastness of the Blue Mountains, you are sure to find a location that will meet your skill and level of canyoning expertise.


The Blue Mountains is the place for you if you’re looking for a family holiday destination. There’s plenty of activities to enjoy & experience in this World Heritage listed area. The area also has a lot of natural beauty and natural wonders, that are just waiting to be explored.

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