License Processing


Contractor License MD, request a sent application by calling (334) 272-5030. Both general brief laborer and subcontractor license applications fuse a point by point summary of requirements.

3 Obtain Required Documents Applicants and Fulfill Required Applicants for Home Improvement License are required to make the going with steps:

Register your business name

Contact the Maryland Home Improvement Commission to check name availability (at 410-230-6309) going before enlisting your name.

Give proof of all out resources

IN=n order one to achieve a Home Improvement commission, he or she is required to give a spending outline your application. Note that the all out resources (assets – liabilities) must be in any occasion $20,000.

Give land and bank clarifications

In case land is recorded on your spending outline you should give a copy of your present property examination notice(s).

Give a credit report

Close by your application you should show a momentum, one of a kind credit report .

Submit confirmation of hazard assurance

Proof of general hazard security of $50,000 or progressively ought to be submitted.

Present a copy of conviction records

You are required to give a copy of all conviction records concerning legitimate offenses (and any bad behavior sentiments relating to a home improvement trade) nearby a letter of explanation of each conviction notwithstanding proof of completing of parole/probation.

Pass Examination To get your Home Improvement License, you should easily get through an impermanent laborers’ test covering laws and rules.

Obtain Your Contractor License Bond In the domain of Maryland all Home Improvement License up-and-comers must outfit a positive complete resources clarification with their legally binding laborer grant bond application. In the event that it’s not all that much issue contact the city or zone where you imagine working for complete information.

Present Your Maryland Contractor License MD Application

The best technique to balance your application

You should finish and print (obviously in ink) your Home Improvement Application. Guarantee all fields are done and all supporting documentation is associated.

The Master Electrician and Plumber License applications must be done on the web.

Allowing and Application Fees

A money demand or check (with the application charges) should be made to the Maryland Home Improvement Commission payable and sent with the application.

New grant application:

Application cost: $250

Protection Fund Contribution: $100

Getting ready charge: $20

Test cost: $63

Extra information concerning charges can be found on DLLR’s Forms and Fees page.

Postage data

Present your Home Improvement License application pack close by a photo and critical charges to: Maryland Home Improvement Commission

P.O. Box 17409

Baltimore, Maryland 21297-1409

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