Rock Your Ensemble With Floating Sunglasses

With knitwear, the assortment of knitted or hand-knitted garments, as well as the technology and industry related to the manufacture of knitted fabrics. Type of knitwear associated with the populations of the islands of the same name, off the west coast of Ireland. Made of raw wool, in its natural shade of white, the Aran sweater features relief motifs such as knot-braids. Traditionally used for sweaters, from the mid-twentieth century it is also used for cardigans, coats and scarves combined with Floating Sunglasses

High-necked sweater, straight and almost rectangular, with long sleeves and a wide attachment made of various yarns. From the name of the Earl of Cardigan, commander of the English cavalry during the Crimean War. it is a woolen knit jacket, without collar or lapels, with long sleeves and buttoning on the front, worn by the Count of Cardigan and other officers during the Crimean War.

Lettering from the film by Federico Fellini which indicates a light, tight and high-necked pullover, worn by the protagonist of the film, a reporter played by Marcello Mastroianni. Sweater with geometric and multicolored designs brought to the fore by the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VIII, in the 1920s. It takes its name from the archipelago of the Shetland Islands. Beyond the geometric designs, this sweater is characterized by a very wide crew-neck coupled with Floating Sunglasses.

Masculine and feminine jersey made of the most diverse materials, characterized by a well-fitting neck that rises to mid-throat and is not doubled. Knitted fabric shirt, with collar and front riveting buttoned up to mid-chest, used by English polo players already at the beginning of the century. Generally of wool or cotton, it can have long or short sleeves.

It took off in the late 1960s launched by Saint-Laurent and has never gone out of fashion since. It is characterized by light and transparent fabrics, vertiginous slits, as many bold necklines, Floating Sunglasses and slightly veiled backs. A type of fashion that consists of an oversized cut compared to body measurements.

An expression that defines the complete outfit of a designer label, from clothing lines to accessories. In fashion, vintage is re-proposing everything that was fashionable in the past. The etymology of the original word derives from the harvest and consequently also vintage wine.

Made in The country is an expression used, starting from the 1980s, to indicate the international specialization of the local production system in traditional manufacturing sectors.
It is fundamental in strategic sectors of local production and a source of pride in the world, the 4As: Clothing, Furniture, Automotive and Mechanics and Agribusiness.

Merchandise is the discipline that studies the nature, properties, quality, destination, conservation, packaging techniques, marketability of any type of goods, including Floating Sunglasses.

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