Should You Buy Used Commercial Gym Equipment?

Are you thinking of opening your own fitness center? Or perhaps you would like to develop your own home gym? You have to look into the kinds of commercial gym equipment that you would need based on your goals. For example, those who wish to focus on strength work will require free weights and resistance machines. On the other hand, those who are keen on weight loss and cardio will want to spin bikes and treadmills. Make sure that you have enough space for these machines. There would also have to be ample distance between each of them. Check your budget as well because these do not come cheap. Most of all, think about whether you’re going to buy them brand new or used.


Pricewise, you will have to shell out so much more if you are aiming to acquire brand new equipment throughout the process. A complete set of top tier machines might set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is a lot of money to be spending, especially right now when everyone is simply trying to survive. It might be more prudent to purchase used commercial gym equipment. These will just be a small fraction of the original cost. You will save a lot of money which can then be repurposed for the renovation of the space or other pressing needs.


In terms of performance, there is not much difference if all other things are equal. This is especially true when it comes to free weights since they do not really change much with time or with use. A 10-lb weighted plate will still be that heavy after many years. Some handle crack and some screws get loose, but it is cheap and easy to replace those. The difference is more pronounced when you look at the treadmill and other moving machines. These can suffer from wear and tear in a bad way if not properly maintained. You need to test them personally to gauge their performance.


The common argument about buying new is that you are certain that they will last for a long while. They even come with a warranty so you can get help if you encounter any problems. Used items will vary in terms of mileage. Some sellers will offer a warranty while others will sell them as is. It takes more work to ensure that you are getting a good deal, but the rewards are great if you do it right.

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