The Audi A5 0-60 Results

The Audi A5 remains one of the most sought-after coupes in the world thanks to its mix of excellent features. These include a sporty design that never fails to turn heads whether it is on the road or the showroom floor. Its curves are beautiful as well as practical as they help the vehicle achieve its great speed. Everything looks polished from the outside. The same is true inside as the interiors are simply yet classy. It’s not the most luxurious cabin in the world but they should be comfortable for anyone who likes to drive a lot. Even the Audi A5 0-60 is nothing to scoff at with a time of 5.8 seconds.

A Measure of Performance

The 0-60 figure is important in the motoring industry as it is one of the most commonly used performance measurements. Every model that comes out of the factories will be tested for this. The quickness of acceleration from complete rest to 60 miles per hour points to the responsiveness of the engine. It shows just how much power is lurking inside waiting to be tapped by the driver. In real life, this could be handy in getting out of tricky situations. Zero to sixty is the standard for the US and the UK where the imperial system is still the norm. Other countries may be using the metric system so they refer to their specs as 0 to 100 kph.

The Industry Benchmarks

The great thing about knowing all of the 0-60 times of every model in existence is that they can be compared in a straightforward manner. The fastest ones bubble up at the top while the slowest languish at the bottom. It is true that the Audi A5 is nowhere near the top of the charts but its 5.8s is above average. Anything below 6 seconds is currently considered as enough to put you in the performance car category. The best, however, can achieve incredible times that are approaching 2 seconds. Whether or not this 2-second barrier can be broken remains to be seen.

How the Time is Measured

In order to ensure that the fastest time is taken, testing will usually be done on a race track. Here the optimum conditions can be guaranteed including the surface type and the course. The weather will also be taken into consideration, especially the strength of the wind. It should be done on a long enough stretch to enable the driver to push on the pedals without hesitation until the desired speed has been reached. Advanced electronics are utilized to capture the exact moment when the vehicle achieves 60mph. Precision timing instruments provide unassailable data.

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