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First, let’s have a quick overview of the difference between Quantum Energy Therapy and quantum energy healing.

Quantum energy is derived from the singular word Quantum which is the meaning of the chemistry of physics referral of energy or matter as a single packet.
The minimal required energy in practical uses or the interaction of physical property in a minimal value whereas Quantum Energy Healing to bring about optimal wellness utilizes your own life force energy in a natural healing method as Quantum Physics. Explains the same energy that sustains all life is equal to this energy that flows through all humans

The different types of energy healing techniques are:
Scanning the field
Still hands
Energy pump
Celtic weaves.

On the other hand, we also get different kinds of Holistic healing such as:
Crystal healing
Quantum Energy Therapy known as QET like most eastern healing methods is a weaving of practices and techniques of both modern and traditional healing. Each session interwoven teaching of quantum physics is taught. Your body gets treated by identifying and removing any and all blocks in your outer reality and one’s everyday life, Many past lifetimes false beliefs and soul wounds are identified and cleared Shamanic processing.

The unseen energy of our bodies is about 90%, as per some physicists that specialize and study quantum physics. Interacting on different levels each and every day of our lives, we as living beings are built in a complex energetic system as not just being cells, organs, skin, and bones. Affecting our entire life and self, even by unbalance or damage in any part of our system is entirely due to the combination of our true multi-dimensional selves like our meridians, acupuncture points, and chakras as well as our spiritual bodies, mental, physical and emotional selves
Our energy fields are affected by blocks or by our energetic bodies having unresolved emotional and physical trauma occurrences due to imbalance or damage to the system. Physical disease is considered as an eventual outcome caused by improper energy flows and impeding blocks. A disease like cancer is believed to be simply blocked in our energy, as per Tibetan monks and has been around for a long time

What can you expect in a typical session?
Hands-on or off body treatment while fully clothed lying down on a massaging table lasting about 60 minutes with extra or extended session times are available at a cost. Working on past lives and soul wounds, by uncovering and healing blockages by clearing them as well as repairs to energy bodies and chakras. Whatever is ready to be released, due to dialogues and working out what needs working on brings on universal love and light through the healing and transforming energy process.

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