Things To Know Before Using Celebrity Photos For Your Advertising

Let’s get real here: a majority of mainstream celebrities are popular across the planet. Even to the most anti-social human beings, the mention of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Jay-Z rings a bell in their minds. Kylie Jenner, for instance, is almost past the half a billion mark when it comes to Instagram followers. Her fan base keeps growing and so does her fame.

If you, as a business owner, use Kylie’s photo in your print or commercial, you are bound to catch the attention of many viewers. In business terms, this is known as celebrity endorsement and it is a marketing strategy that works like charm. If you plan on shelling some of your cash for movie star pictures for sale, here are some things to keep in mind while at it.

There Are Different Types of Celebrity Pictures To Buy

There is a vast collection of celebrity pictures out there. For starters, these famous people come from diverse backgrounds such as entertainment (TV, theatre, film, and music), sports, and so on. Other than that, they also differ in style and content of the image.

• Public relations (PR) images are photographs where the A-listers or their PR managers have approved to be utilized for press.

• Candid shots are your usual posed or non-posed spontaneous pictures from the red carpet or any other event.

• Studio photos are shots that display the artistic side of celebrities ( for example portraits) and are quite rare to get a hand on in stock photography

• Paparazzi photos are candidand usually taken without the authorization and knowledge of the celebrity.

How to Use Celebrity Photos Legally

Before you run to upload movie star pictures for sale in your blog or magazine, be sure to get an Editorial license. Thankfully, this license comes with many stock photography agencies. This is what allows the picture for use in digital media or print. Alternatively, you can get a Commercial license if you want to use celebrity photos as part of an enticing design to sell, a product to be sold, and site promotion. What’s more, you need to note that the first license has certain restrictions. Besides the fact that you can’t use the photos for commercial purposes, the photos cannot be altered or edited as well.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; a few things to keep in mind while shopping for celebrity photos. Celebrity endorsement can dramatically boost your sales but you must determine to follow the law regarding their use to avoid problems in the future.

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