Weaning Process

Top Hints For Fruitful Weaning

A weaned child is well accustomed to other foods other than breastfeeding. Every parent wishes to introduce his/her child to foods appropriately, since what the child feeds matters health-wise now and in the future. Health experts recommend children introduced to foods at the age of 6 months and above. Before 6 months, children should depend on breast milk and infant formulas, but after 6 months, they require more iron and other nutrients that breast milk cannot provide. Weaning must be done gradually, and by 12 months, solid foods must form the baby’s main diet. This will help them grow and develop properly.

Do not allow processed weaning foods to replace your cooking; however, when using them, follow instructions carefully. Family cooked foods are essential as they offer a range of textures, tastes and allows a child to taste homemade foods. Besides, they are cheap and enable you to mix ingredients you want your child to take.

Ensure that everything used for feeding the baby is very clean, especially if you have started weaning before 6 months. Prepare small portions of baby food rather than preparing in large amounts that may go to waste. Heat the food thoroughly and allow it to cool and remember to taste before giving the baby. Dispose all food remains, as they are inappropriate to reheat or warm for the baby.

Food to Avoid


Never add sugar to food or drinks given to your baby. Sugar brings tooth decay for first teeth when they start to come out.


A child should never be given honey until the age of 1 year. Honey contains a type of bacteria that causes infant botulism that affects a child’s intestines. After 1 year, the child intestine have developed enough and cannot be affected by this bacteria. Besides, honey causes tooth decay since it is sugary.


Never feed salt foods to a weaned child as its kidneys have not fully developed. Avoid foods such as packet soups, stock cubes, smoked meats, and bacon.


Nuts of any type are not appropriate for children under age 5, as choking is the possible risk. Peanuts products are safe; however, when there is a family history of eczema, asthma, and hay fever, consult a health physician before feeding your child.

A properly weaned child enjoys good health and growth. Ensure your child is appropriately weaned by executing this article tips.

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