Twisted Movement Hits The UK

This article’s purpose is to inform readers all about the founder of Twisted Movement and what she creates.

Nadia Sharif, who is based in Los Angeles, it the brains of the company called Twisted Movement. She was originally an electrical engineer, but then she found Pole Dancing and that was the start of her new journey into the world of clothing and fashion.

Once she started pole dancing, she decided to start creating unique pieces and over time, Twisted Movement was born. While she is designing her clothing she always tries to release comfy, fresh, sexy and most importantly, super unique items. When it comes to the splatter, tie-dye and drizzle range, you will never find two of the exact same items. This means that when you order one of these pieces, it will be custom-made just for you. These unique pieces are perfect for anyone who has an upcoming photoshoot!

All her pieces are organically born based on the individual’s needs, usually for people who love to move and are a bit twisted – in a good way! From training gear to streetwear, to getting together with your close friends for a couple of drinks or partying till the sun rises, each piece truly shows off your individuality and unique personality. Wearing one of her designs will definitely make you stand out in a crowd – guaranteed!

​A British company has been following this company since the beginning and have wanted to stock her products for so long, so you can imagine how excited they got when they found out that Nadia had started wholesaling.
Up until that time, you could only buy her products in US Dollars, but for the first time, the British company can supply her products to their customers in UK £’s, and there are no added taxes either because they already took care of that. They have all the items in stock, so there is no waiting for your desired items.

This British Company is extremely proud to be the only store to stock Nadia’s products. You literally will not find them anywhere else in the UK.

Since Nadia’s range is so large, it is possible that stores will not stock every item that she creates, but should you require certain items, they can be ordered especially for you.

Owning at least one of her unique pieces is a must to stand out above the rest!​

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