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Understanding Digital Transformation Agency

The vast majority of advertisers are commercial companies, wanting to increase the brand awareness and sale of their products. The advertising agency may also be solicited by museums, charities and cultural institutions. The government also uses advertising agencies to promote topics such as safety and health.

The objectives for all these establishments remain the same: increase their visibility, increase their turnover and raise funds to fund activities. Advertising has been around for a long time and has evolved with time and new technologies. What is its origin? Where does it come from?

Those who do a mobile search usually do it because they need that specific information right at that moment: if we can give it to us before the others we will have much more chance of being us to get the user’s preferences.

As expected, Google takes much into account the loading time on the phone and for this has launched the project AMP (Accelerate mobile Pages), which basically consists of reduced HTML code and optimized for mobile phones. As seen, the loading speed of a website directly affects the user experience, with a consequent increase or decrease in conversions. This makes it one of the key factors for the success of a web project as shown by the Digital Transformation Agency.

The server is a computer or a program that provides the data required by other computers. In other words, it is the machine that hosts our site. If the server is slow, portal loading will be slow, regardless of how much the other factors have been optimized. This implies that if you want to get good results on your site, too cheap hosting is absolutely to be discarded.

In most cases this is the element that most affects the loading time of the page. Too heavy images and a particularly fast website are the two opposite sides of the scale, so you need to compromise. In other words, compress the images to such an extent that they are light enough to not slow down the loading and are sufficiently defined to not disfigure the quality of the view.

Plugins: there are millions for every type of program and with every type of functionality applied by the Digital Transformation Agency. Understand that this implies a huge weight. It is therefore advisable to inquire and evaluate which and how many plugins are necessary for your website. Eliminate those expendable.

The Code: the heart of the website consists of a large number of lines written in code (HTML, CSS, Javascript). The code controls the opening speed of the pages, the security of the data contained and helps the positioning in the search engine.

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