Understanding LED Light Hire

If the reactor is of the traditional type, a starter is also needed, which serves to preheat the electrodes to facilitate ignition, but if it is of the electronic type, the starter is not needed. These lamps have a high luminous efficiency and a long life span. They are particularly suitable for illuminating indoor and outdoor environments, where prolonged use is required and without frequent switching on and off. If used correctly, replacing traditional incandescent lamps, they reduce electricity consumption by up to 70%.

We can divide the fluorescent lamps into tubular fluorescent lamps, compact, integrated and non-integrated fluorescent lamps. These lamps differ from each other in the type of reactor used, in terms of performance and size.

Also known as neon, they can be linear or circular. The most used diameters are 16mm, called T5, and 26mm, called T8. The characteristics of the light emitted by the lamp are determined by the fluorescent powder that covers the inner wall of the tube. The most commonly used fluorescent powders are: standard powders. The lamps coated with this type of dust are the cheapest but distort the colors and make LED Light Hire unpleasant.

These lamps are not suitable for domestic lighting, offices, shops, etc., but are used in industries. the triphosphor powders, which are the most used, allow to obtain a light shade similar to that of incandescent lamps and have a high luminous efficiency. powders which give the lamp a very high color rendering index, equal to or greater than 95, but a much lower luminous efficiency than lamps coated with triphosphorus-type powders.


Tubular fluorescent lamps have a high luminous efficiency, from 50 to 120lm/W, which is 4 to 10 times higher than that of incandescent lamps. They have a long life, about 10,000 hours, which is about 10 times longer than incandescent lamps. But be careful, very frequent switching on and off, with intervals of less than 15 minutes, significantly reduce the lifetime of these LED Light Hire.

They are available in different shades of light, and the quality of the light produced is very good, with a color rendering of over 80. They light up immediately or almost immediately. They cannot be connected directly to the mains but they need a reactor and in some cases a starter. If the reactor is of the electronic type, which is more efficient than the traditional one, the lamps last longer and have greater efficiency.

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