Understanding Worldwide Executive Search

The event represented, almost always, the moment of encounter between the first two or three levels, with the fourth acting as a third wheel to be re-filled after the fair. The customers, instead, were for the most part simple spectators, to be imitated with unrepeatable special offers and to be enchanted with some beautiful hostesses. It was all linear, simple, almost banal.

The corporate event was a showcase and business opportunity, with a bit of communication to act as a boundary. Something similar to the old and expensive football of the golden age, in which the rich dish was not tied to television rights, but to the stadium and to the prestige.

Today, in a time when people die of vain prestige and small takings, the logic is completely distorted and the new media open up new scenarios. The levels have multiplied, the customer is no longer a passive spectator, but an active and fundamental part, able to interact with the company and to pull the strings of an increasingly complex and articulated business as shown in Worldwide Executive Search.

Today the event is no longer just a runway for a few hours or a few days, but a real marketing and communication opportunity, even before a business one. It is something that can live on its own life and that can offer many opportunities. Marketing no longer lives on promises. Advertising is no longer enough, above all, it is no longer the soul of commerce (has it ever been?), But an exercise in creativity and style in support and in support of business, which is increasingly made up of relationships, Worldwide Executive Search and identity.

The need to create a brand, typical of a phase now outdated in the evolution of marketing, is now completely overcome by that of creating a movement, of generating belonging, empathy, involvement.

In the era of the religion war among the giants of international industry, in which marrying a brand is a choice of a deep field, which goes beyond the status symbol and borders on fetishism, creating a community is an absolute necessity.

Because in a war of religion it is necessary to deploy an army and recruit excellent officers, able to guide towards victory. The event thus becomes a sort of call to arms where no level has to escape and where being there becomes a must for everyone, something to be desired and exhibited. But what do you mean when you refer to an event? In an age where the sartorial approach dominates in all sectors and in all areas, giving a single answer is simply impossible.

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