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Using The 3 In 1 Auto Door Hinge

Have you been wondering how to keep privacy without rising every time to close the door? Look no further as all you have is to install a 3 in 1 Auto Door Hinge. The self closing door hinge is a blessing to the elderly and little children as it needs less effort to operate. These hinges have a myriad of other applications as you will soon find out.

Where to Fix the Hinge

The garage is one of the important places but which we would love to keep closed. With its unpleasant smells from exhaust fumes, fixing a door that latches automatically is a plus. This also applies to offices as well as laundry chutes.

At times you might want the door to remain fully open, half-way open, or closed but not latched. All these functionalities are available with the 3 in 1 automatic door hinge. All you need to do is to adjust the tension appropriately. With some hinges, you can get up to 7 tension settings that dictate tension and the speed of closing.


Setting number 1 works well for laundry chute doors where you want them to close automatically but with minimal force. Setting number 2 can be good for small doors and so on depending on the weight of the door. When you want to leave a door open, all you need to do is reverse the spring. But what makes the self-closing door hinge special from other hinges?


As we have seen, the three in one auto door hinge offers real value for money. By installing this hinge, you get three functionalities combined within one product. First is its hinging functionality, meaning no more slamming of doors. Secondly, there is the closer functionality which promises to keep your space sealed. No leaking oils, no bugs, no smoke, less heating and cooling energy. Finally, you get better privacy control.


For the best experience, it is advisable to mortise both the door and the frame. Also leave some space typically 3 millimetres between the jamb and the door edge. When mortises are not used, leave about 10 millimetres to accommodate the base of the hinge. The accompanying catalogues detail more information on installation.

Apart from their operational features, auto door hinges are aesthetically appealing than their counterparts. They are also weather-resistant making them ideal for outdoor and indoor use. While one automatic hinge placed at the centre of the door should serve you well, using two or three reduces the strain and improves efficiency. Choose 3-knuckle or 5-knuckle hinge depending on the weight of the door.

Final Verdict

It is time you got more control over your door. Choose the automatic hinge for its beauty, ease of operation and extended cycle. Make the right choice today.

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