Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

When you are stressed, your body releases a stress hormone called Cortisol that stops testosterone production. Cortisol makes the body gain fat, and as you know, the fatter you are and the more estrogen you will have, and of course less testosterone. You have to stop worrying too much, avoid overtraining and control your anger and take some time to see these 101 ways to reduce stress. There are also supplements you can take to reduce cortisol, talk to your doctor or consider taking Vanilla Whey Protein Powder.

In the end, the group of sprinters has seen its testosterone increase by about 450% compared to the group of cyclists. Endurance exercises have some benefits, but not that of boosting your testosterone levels.

Not only do we have to limit ourselves to situations of work stress, but also to any stressor, our body will respond in the same way. And among these, another important, and that seems unnoticed, is the excess of physical activity or sport. An athlete, or any person who follows a correct training plan and a chord diet, is the best example of how to focus on a healthy life, and that will have a positive impact on your hormonal balance.

The problem comes when this sporting activity becomes a whole organized plan with a final goal, such as competition. Faced with such an event, hours and hours of training, can cause havoc, and even in the worst case, degenerate into the syndrome of overtraining, although it may be more typical of athletes.

However, an excess of physical stress can also trigger adrenal fatigue, negatively implicating hormonal secretion. Stress and sex hormones. The response to these situations of stress by our body also invades the hormonal component, affecting the production or blocking of certain components: Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) or also known as Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone (LHRH), Luteinizing hormone (LH), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Vanilla Whey Protein Powder and Cortisol.

With all this hormonal network, revolutionized, the main harmed, for man’s misfortune, will be to see reduced normal testosterone levels. Do not use any perfume, cologne or air freshener that contains paraben among its ingredients.

If you have trouble avoiding stress situations, you can try to take vitamin C every day (daily intake to discuss with your doctor). It has been shown that vitamin C lowers the level of cortisol and allows the body to produce more testosterone. Vitamin C also reduces the level of the aromatase enzyme whose function is to convert your testosterone into estrogen. Alcohol lowers the levels of zinc in your body. Like alcohol, grapefruit does not facilitate liver function at all to eliminate estrogen.

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