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Of fundamental importance, when approaching the creation of video footage is the use of the tripod. There are several types and it is important to analyze some aspects to be taken into account when choosing the camera stand.

The classic mistake that a lot of video amateurs make is in fact to take the camera and turn a little randomly based on what happens in front of you. The result is that in addition to giving the headache, the video will be boring after the first 10 seconds of viewing.

To avoid this, some basic rules of audiovisual language and some technical measures must be taken into consideration. One of these, with the exception of a particular directorial choice (which at the moment is not recommended), is to give a certain stability to the image, using the tripod.

Position the two lights at 45 ° from the subject and from above, one of the lights should be considered as the main light (key light) used to give the desired lighting. The second is a fill light, which serves to contrast the shadows created by the main light.

The fill light must contrast the shadows, do not create others, therefore the power must be adjusted for this purpose. The backlight serves to give more three-dimensionality to the subject. In some cases, a fourth light can also be useful to illuminate the background.

By turning in outdoor, the type of light depends mainly on weather conditions. On a day with overcast skies, or a clear day with a high humidity or haze, the light will be more diffused, without shadows or with less pronounced shadows. A clear day will give a more direct light.

To adjust the shadows it is good to use a reflective panel. Even in outdoor, we must consider the chromatic quality of light, correctly managing the color temperature.

It is also important, however, that the trestle is of a decent quality, otherwise you risk making the same use of the trestle useless, so avoid the “tourist” trestles and consider only products that have professional characteristics associated with Video Production Company Seattle.

Firstly, a professional tripod is not made up of a single body but is made up of two basic elements, the legs and the head. The head can be photographic or video. The difference is given by the possibility of making horizontal and vertical panoramas easily, as well as the ability to easily lock and unlock both movements to keep the frame stable.

It is recognized thanks to the presence of the lever with the handle used by Video Production Company Seattle. The prerogative is the extreme fluidity given by the clutch, better if adjustable.

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