What Careers Can You Pursue With A Fire Science Degree?

Every year, hundreds of fires occur across the country. Most of these are isolated blazes in residential areas. Others are massive conflagrations that wipe out entire neighborhoods and large swaths of forest land. Some are man-made while the rest are naturally occurring. Some are accidental while others are deliberate. A fire science degree equips a person with everything there is to know about this dangerous element, its causes, and its effects on the things around it. Successful completion of a program provides degree holders with the ability to pursue a number of different career paths including the following:

Fire Investigation

Fires usually erupt all of a sudden. There is no warning with what’s about to come such that people are preoccupied with quelling it at the moment. Once the flames have died down and responders can breathe easily, fire investigators can be called in to study the remnants and figure out what happened. They are tasked to trace the cause of the fire. It may be faulty wiring, it could be dry weather, it might be an arsonist, and so on. The investigation could yield evidence that could be used in a criminal case.

Fire Prevention

Fire’s destructive nature and fast rate of spread make it difficult to control. The best way to approach fire is to prevent it from happening in the first place. When constructing a building, the use of fire-resistant materials is highly encouraged. Wiring should be performed by a licensed electrician. Engineers must approve the plans and inspect the premises before occupancy. Periodic inspections are also necessary for continued safety.

Fire Station Management

A fire science degree will also set one up in a career as a firefighter. This credential is enough to propel a person towards the position of fire station chief after accumulating enough experience. Some jurisdictions may have more requirements but the degree is always an essential part of the list. For a more competitive resumé, a person might want to take advanced courses and seminars to keep knowledge up to date. Fire service recruitment welcomes people who have the heart to help others. If this is you, then pursue this with passion.

Fire Insurance Specialist

Insurance companies will often require the expertise of fire science experts in studying claims. These specialists should be able to detect fraudulent claims and estimate the right amount of damages invalid claims. They will determine whether the incident is covered by the terms of the policy. It is a complicated process and the stakes are high with millions of dollars in damage in many cases.

Whether you are going to heed fire service recruitment or start a lucrative career in insurance, take your studies seriously, and get the confidence to climb the ranks.

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