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What Is Pure Jojoba Oil Used For?

Jojoba is a perennial plant that grows in North America. It thrives in harsh desert climates and produces a nut whose oil has many healing properties.

The oil is rich in vitamins A, E and D as well as antioxidants and fatty acids. Jojoba oil is, technically, a wax ester with similar properties to the skin’s sebum. This means that it is able to penetrate deeply and reach below the top layer of the skin to provide maximum nourishment. The oil is also naturally antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, analgesic (providing pain relief) and a natural anti-inflammatory.

Pure Jojoba oil is most often used as a part of a skin care routine. There’s also evidence that pure jojoba oil can help with acne, dry skin, and other skin conditions. It can be used on any skin type ranging from dry and sensitive to oily and acne-prone.

Following are some of the uses for pure Jojoba oil.

Relieves Dryness – since Jojoba oil it is similar to the skin’s sebum, it is an effective natural conditioner and is recommended for anyone with a dry or irritated skin. Because it seals in moisture, it should be used as the final step in a skincare routine.

Removes Makeup – replace your makeup remover or oil cleanser with Jojoba oil to dissolve and remove everything from sunscreen to waterproof mascara.

Protects Against Sun Damage – Jojoba is the only plant in the world known to produce pure liquid wax esters. It uses the long molecules of the esters in the outer layer of its leaves to stop UV rays from damaging them. This means that it can do the same for your skin to provide a natural sunscreen.

Calms Eczema – people that suffer from asteatotic eczema are prone to dryness since their skin doesn’t produce as much sebum as a result and is less able to retain moisture. Jojoba oil can help heal this condition through its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Soothes Sore Lips – if you suffer from chronically dry lips you can massage in a few drops of jojoba oil before applying a layer of protective balm and you’ll see a major improvement in your lips in just a few days.

Nourishes Hair – Jojoba oil makes a fantastic hot oil, or pre-wash, treatment for dry hair or for an irritated scalp. It hydrates hair extremely effectively and it doesn’t weigh the hair down.

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