Why Pet-Friendly Accommodations Are On The Rise

It is no secret: pets have become a part of the family. It is not uncommon to see people spending a ton of money to pamper their furry friends. In fact, statistics show that in 2016, the pet industry hit a whopping $66 billion in revenue. You bet the figure has gone up since then.

It is this attachment and love that has made hotels to rethink the no-pet policies in their facilities. In this day and age, you can comfortably go on holiday with your dog, cat, fish or any other pet. Most pet friendly accommodation Wollongong allows dogs only although some are also cat-friendly. Whether you are stopping to rest for the day or taking a summer road trip, hotels have begun to see the benefits of accommodating animals in their facilities as well.

How Do Pet-Friendly Accommodation Facilities Work?

Pet-friendly hotels generally offer amenities that make animal stay comfortable and luxurious. As a result, they offer such things as water bowls, food dishes, dog runs, and outdoor play areas. Advanced facilities even have “doggie cuisine” complete with a room service menu served on dog-tailored dog palettes. These features are what make animal lovers order room service and consider dining in knowing their beloved furry friends will enjoy delicious meals as well.

How Do Pet-Friendly Hotels Benefit In Return?

Pet owners aren’t the only ones who benefit by visiting some of the top pet-friendly accommodation Wollongong has to offer, the hotel enjoys plenty of benefits as well. For starters, they charge an extra fee for the animals. Depending on amenities offered, they can charge a premium price for a standard room especially if it comes with pet cuisine. You also stand out from the crowd if you offer pet-friendly amenities. It can go a long way in helping you stay booked throughout the year.

Another benefit of offering amenities that welcome pets is because you want to inspire brand loyalty. If a pet-owner is certain that their pets will be well received at your establishment, there are high chances that they will chose your hotel over your competitor’s. Remember that travelling with pets often involve a lot of extra packing, since one need to pack pet dishes, toys, and beds among others. So, if you are saving such clients from all these hassle, they will definitely appreciate your efforts. A customer is likely to book your hotel on repeat if they know their pet will be taken care of at your property.


Having a pet-friendly hotel is simply creating a wholesome experience for the animal lover that is your guest. It actually inspires them to spread the word amongst various pet communities about their stay generating referrals for you.

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