Why Use A Website App Builder

A website app builder can turn any site into a mobile app with a few simple steps. There is little to no coding involved so anyone can do it. The cost is also far less than hiring a programmer for traditional app development. This is possible for a simple blog to a complicated ecommerce site. In fact, a lot of businesses are seeing the benefits of having a downloadable app compared to solely relying on their websites for sales. Consumer preferences are changing and those who want to stay in the game must move quickly to continue their growth.

Convenient Access

Once an app is installed on a phone, it will always be there ready to serve whenever needed. People can add a shortcut to their main screen for easy access. They can just tap and it will open. They can leave their credentials so they won’t have to type their username and password each time. Users will be ready to shop in a snap. In contrast, websites require people to type the URL every time. They would also have to sign in which is cumbersome. Any type of barrier to usage will diminish sales. Apps remove those barriers for best results.

Higher Conversion Rate

Studies have shown that apps tend to have higher conversion rate than websites by a factor of 1.5x. This could be due to the convenient access mentioned above. It might also be the fact that a mobile app is a self-contained environment in which users can just wander for a long time without ever leaving, in contrast to websites which are in just another tab in a browser. People choose between different products within the app, not different sites selling the same item. Apps can also send periodic reminders about carts and coupons to sweeten deals.

Lesser Competition

Despite the tremendous benefits of mobile apps, only a few websites have created their own. This means that the first-movers are enjoying tremendous advantages against their competitors. Join the fray now while it isn’t crowded yet and get a boost just like the others. People are selective about the apps they install and there are only so much they can download before their phones become chaotic. Establish yourself as a must-have app now as it will be harder to get in later on. A website app builder will allow you to publish quickly on multiple platforms without sacrificing quality.

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