Why Wollongong Makes Sense As A Vacation Destination

If you are looking for the perfect vacation spot, Wollongong is the place for you. This seaside city is located in the Illawara area of New South Wales (NSW). It is close to Sydney but it has many attractions that make it the right destination for tourists and visitors to Australia. For one thing, Wollongong (also called The Gong) is surrounded by pristine beaches so this makes it ideal for people who love to swim, surf or fish while on vacation. In addition, The Gong has a mild climate with many sunny days. The winter is mild in this place and the summers are not too hot. This means you have many clear and sunny days in the Gong to enjoy your vacation. Below are some reasons you should think about holiday accommodation Wollongong anytime you visit Australia.

Natural Charm and Hospitality

The Gong is famous for its natural attributes. With many beaches, a mild climate and many natural features, it is clear that nature gave this area more than its fair share of beautiful natural features. The Gong has many parks, trees, forest reserves, plants and animals you cannot find anywhere else in the world. If you stay in any of the top class hotels here, you are sure to enjoy all the city has to offer. You can swim, hike, fish or just relax on the beach. Apart from the natural resources here, the people of Wollongong are friendly and relaxed. They will make you feel at home and this is why many people who visit this place always return.

Boutique Hotels

In case you do not want to stay at an ultramodern hotel, many smaller hotels here will perfectly suit your taste. You can lodge in small and charming motels outside the city center. You can even go for boutique hotels because there are many of them here and they offer excellent service. In case you do not want to stay in any hotel, you can get decent lodging facilities if you go for the bed and breakfast option. There are people in the Gong who have converted a part of their residence to lodging facilities. These places are charming because you get all the comforts of home without the official and formal hotel setting.

Luxury Accommodation

For people who want to enjoy holiday accommodation Wollongong, you can get this in Wollongong. These hotels offer you first class facilities and convenience. The best part is that some of these hotels are located on the waterfront and this adds to the style and beauty of these places.

Final Word

If you are looking for the perfect vacation spot, you should head to Wollongong. The Gong will offer you an experience you will treasure and you will definitely return for more.

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