Why You Should Stock Up On Bamboo Weighted Blanket Cover

Bamboo weighted blanket cover are all the rage with their promise of better sleep. Everyone knows just how much this affects their mood, concentration, productivity, and energy level. The added weight is said to have a calming effect that helps people get into a fast and deep sleep. Many have tried it for themselves and are happy with their own results. Maybe you have your own weighted blanket already and enjoying your nights much more than before. Now it’s time to take things a notch higher with a bamboo weighted blanket cover. In fact, you should consider stocking up on several of these for the following reasons:

Change the Colors to Fit Your Mood

Weighted blankets are big and heavy. It would be difficult to find storage for multiple items of different colors so most people just have one or two of these. If you are getting tired of the way that yours looks, then you won’t have many options for replacement in your household. Blanket covers solve this problem by providing a lightweight shell that can conceal the current design and replace it with a new color or pattern. Covers come in different sizes to fit different blankets. Get a variety of hues so that you can match your moods in style.

Keep the Blanket Smelling Fresh

Blankets get dirty over time. They catch dust, pet hair, sweat, and other things that foul them up. Nobody wants to sleep on a stinky bed. You could wash your weighted blanket regularly but that would be a herculean task given its bulk. Covers provide an alternative strategy. Just change the covers every few days so that the blanket stays clean and fresh. These would be far easier to wash as you can even place them in a washing machine for automatic cleaning.

Remove Stains and Spills Immediately

If you had a plain blanket in bed, then you would always be worried about stains and spills. These would no doubt develop across time even for the most careful owner. If you had a cover, then you won’t have to feel stressed about these as you can quickly remedy the situation. Just pull out the current one and throw it in the laundry bin. Pick a fresh cover and use it. You can resume whatever you were doing knowing that you took care of the problem right away. Any liquids won’t seep through to the blanket interior.

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