Your Guide To Natural Perfume

When it comes to perfume, natural is king. Natural perfumes are healthier, friendlier to the body, and have a natural scent compared to their synthetic counterparts. Perfume manufacturers are often lured by cheap options to use carcinogenic, neutrotoxic, and other toxic-waste chemicals in the name of synthetic perfumes. Use of these harmful products has aggravated asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities among other environmental evils. This guide explains why today is the day to switch from synthetic to organic perfumes.

1. Environmental Health

Most artificial perfumes are petroleum byproducts that contain phthalates, neurotoxins, parabens, and allergens. These fragrances cause fatigue, nausea, migraines, and lung irritation. Unnatural fragrances also contain high amounts of alcohol that is readily absorbed into the bloodstream. The process of making and disposing of chemical fragrances also hurts the environment, but it is the children who suffer most. Some synthetic perfumes such as musk and phthalates are first tested on animals hence leading to ill-treatment of innocent creatures.

2. Flexibility

Mixing different unnatural scents can smell unpleasant, but plant-based perfumes always blend well with each other. Alternatively, organic perfumes can be layered together to create mood-soothing aromas. Users who prefer homemade perfumes find natural scents to be the solution for perfumes that match their preferences.

3. Ethics

Synthetic manufacture of perfumes is characterized by unethical practices that involve torturing animals. For instance, ambergris is derived from sperm whales; civet comes from the civet cat while musk is extracted from musk deer. Naturalists especially vegans can rest assured that have natural aromas are not animal byproducts.

4. Product Regulation

In most countries, the production of natural perfume is checked by drug regulating bodies. All ingredients are tested, safety checked, and ascertained for purity from petrochemical products. The bodies ensure natural fragments are grown in environments free from the use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or heavy metals. On the other hand, regulation for synthetic perfumes is not as strict and vendors often engage in unethical practices.

Manufacture of Organic Scents

Natural perfume not only smells better but also has healing benefits. For instance, neroli oil helps in skin elasticity and regeneration while lavender oil relieves depression. The natural oil Ylang Ylang promotes a positive feeling and helps in the regulation of adrenalin flow.

Natural scent manufacturers and enthusiasts have authenticity as their unifying character. They both share the intrinsic sense of caring for the environment and doing only what is ethically acceptable. Consequently, all our products are made in collaboration with the client to ensure individual preferences are put in place. Since some natural scents are extremely strong, we involve clients in the choice for scents so that social peace is not disturbed. We are also committed to upholding regulatory assurances. Above all, our extraction, chromatography and distillation processes are aligned to visions of a greener earth.

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