How To Prevent Hangovers

It can be hard to avoid alcohol since they are almost always present in social events. They can be fun to drink in the moment but you can soon regret it once you feel the unwanted effects. Hangovers can be quite a hassle to deal with. Prevent it with the following tips:

1. Take Multivitamins

If you know that you will be heading out for a drink, then it is best to double up on your dose of multivitamins or at least Vitamin C. This nutrient can help your body fight off the common hangover symptoms while also improving your immunity against other diseases.

2. Grab a Burger

According to studies, the consumption of food prior to or during a drinking session can delay the body’s absorption of alcohol. This should allow you to stay in control of your faculties and make the right decisions throughout the night. Fatty foods are the best. So go and grab a burger before the party.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

You should also drink a lot of pure water to dilute the other liquids that you are consuming and minimize their effects. The water will also make you feel full faster so you won’t be able to drink as much alcohol as you would otherwise. What’s more, alcohol is known to trigger dehydration so hydrating afterwards is crucial.

4. Eat Some Soup

All that liquid in your body may throw off your body’s natural chemistry. In particular, you may become low on sodium. This can easily be remedied by having some nice hot soup once you get home. Sodium will also enable your body to hold on to water and prevent dehydration.

5. Sleep Well

Hopefully, you got home safe and sound. Now it is time to rest up and give your body time to recharge. Sleep as much as you can after drinking water, coffee, or tea. It is not advisable to go out during the weekdays since you are unlikely to get enough sleep before having to work again.

6. Have a Big Breakfast

Treat yourself with a big breakfast the morning after. Don’t let your stomach be empty as this would only increase the lingering effects of alcohol on your body. Have eggs, rice, banana, juice, and whatever else you fancy.

7. Grab Electrolyte Drinks

You may also want to get specifically formulated prevention drink for hangovers. This should contain a lot of electrolyte to restore the balance in your body and make you feel much better. Potassium and sodium are two of the most crucial nutrients that you need.

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