Guide To Fencing Contractors Suffolk

You can also pour quick-setting mortar into the hole and add the water afterwards. Make sure the stakes are vertical and aligned: check with a spirit level or a plumb line. Finally, pack firmly with the handle of the mass.

Place the intermediate stakes along the fence, in accordance with the markings. If necessary, tie a line between two main stakes and make sure the stakes are all properly aligned at the top.

To indicate the location of the stakes, place markers in front of the chalk line (with poles, for example), because the marks made on the chalk will not be very visible when you dig the holes. The placement of stakes will be much easier and fast if you get help. It will be much easier, for example, to drive the stakes into the ground and to lay the long horizontal planks as handled by Fencing Contractors Suffolk.

We start with the corner or main stakes. Use a spade or auger to dig a narrow hole, 60 to 80 cm deep. It is necessary to dig directly vertically for a good fixing of the posts. If the soil is dry, it may be interesting to moisten the soil because the holes are easier to dig. You can also use supports or feet of pole that you push directly into the ground.

Stakes should be treated to a height of 10 cm above the ground to prevent rotting. You can use various coatings or tar to protect the wood. Or acrylic resin, which is completely waterproof once hardened. Alternatively, place the stakes in large PVC pipes just like Fencing Contractors Suffolk.

Setting up pickets

To check that the tops of the stakes are all aligned, use a water level or a clear pipe filled with water. Check that there is no air bubble in the pipe. Otherwise, you always have the option of sawing the top of the stakes at the correct height later.

Start with the bottom board and screw it in place just above the floor. Check horizontal with the spirit level. Drill pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood. Use 3 screws at each end of the board. Then attach the top board, then the middle board. Check that the boards are secure and check horizontal with the spirit level.

It is easier to fix the boards on the pegs using a clamp to hold them in place. It is best to mount one fence section at a time, because there is always the risk of making a mistake with the measurements.

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